The Meehan MINDSET™

"Negative thinking has to be extinguished quickly. The more you allow negative thoughts to occupy your mind, the more brain tissue becomes dedicated to spreading them. The good news is this works both ways. Therefore, be intentional about replacing negative with positive thoughts." Jim Meehan MD

Dr. Meehan created the​ Meehan MINDSET​™ Seven Key Elements of Health & Longevity ​to assist his patients on their health optimization journey. When emphasis is given to each of the seven categories, our health can be rejuvenated. As a patient of Dr. Meehan’s you will have access to his MINDSET™ teachings to help assist in your health journey whether it’s Hormone Optimization Therapy, Functional Medicine, Addiction Treatment, or Concierge Wellness. These MINDSET™ elements are key to everyone’s optimal health. 







Total Hormone Balance