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MINDSET Wellness Shop

Curated health products backed by science from Dr. Meehan

Spring Fed Family Farms

Pastured pork, lard products and more from Dr. Meehan’s family farm!

Green Bee Health

Natural Health Products for the entire family!

My Pillow

Support Patriots! Shop for quality household products.
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American MINDSET

Merchandise for the patriot


Immune Modulator and Enhancer.
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Apricot Power

Your reliable source for quality apricot seeds and B17 products

Redemption Shield 

EMF/Radiation Protection

Cultivate Elevate

Ancient holistic superfoods (shilajit, pearl powder, dragon's blood resin)


Personalized gut health with precision probiotics + prebiotics including a Gut Intelligence Test

Greenfield Water Solutions

Water filtration, structuring and energizing that brings your water back to how nature intended it

Donkey Milk
for Health

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Diabetic wound & skincare products, from prevention to treatment


Truly clean, pure natural health products and health guides

Naturals by
Blue Magic

Clean, non-toxic pest repellant
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