Hello! I'm Terry Lakin DO, MPH

As a physician, my journey in medicine has been deeply rooted in a commitment to service and a passion for uncovering the truth. With a background in both military and civilian medicine, I have had the privilege of serving my country and community in various capacities.

During challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, I have championed early treatment and alternative protocols to ensure the well-being of my patients. Upholding constitutional principles and guided by my faith, I work tirelessly to empower individuals with knowledge and choice in their healthcare journey.

It is my privilege and honor to serve, and I am deeply committed to excellence in medicine and service to my community and country.

My Journey

Dr. Terry Lakin, DO, MPH, is a highly accomplished physician with extensive military and civilian medical experience. Graduating from Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1993, Dr. Lakin's career included 17 years of distinguished service in various military roles, culminating in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. 

Early Career

Dr. Lakin held pivotal positions such as Brigade and Squadron Flight Surgeon in combat zones, as well as Chief of Outpatient Medicine at the Pentagon, showcasing his expertise in Family Medicine and Occupational & Environmental Medicine.  

The Problem

Transitioning to civilian life, Dr. Lakin established a thriving Occupational Medicine practice in Colorado, overseeing multiple Urgent Care clinics. Committed to holistic patient care, he advocated for alternative approaches, notably during the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting early treatment and FLCCC protocols.

The Solution

Dr. Lakin's unwavering dedication to constitutional principles and faith, shared with his wife, Dr. Pili Lakin, underscores his commitment to excellence in medicine and service to community and country. Dr. Lakin has an unyielding commitment to uncovering the truth. He is a lean, mean fighting machine who uses his God-given intelligence to ensure his patients receive the best therapies, whether natural or the latest discovery, for their ailments. Dr. Lakin safeguards the right to informed consent and empowers families with knowledge and choice in their healthcare journey.