Become the scientist of your own health

Jim Meehan MD

Jim Meehan MD is a physician, accomplished leader, and entrepreneur who provides innovative science and solutions that adhere to open, honest, transparent, and uncompromisingly patient-centered principles. He transforms raw data and scientific research into easy to understand information that educates, informs, and motivates changes in behavior to lead to improved health and wellness. Dr. Meehan believes in educating patients to be scientists of their own health.

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Truth Seeker

As the former editor of a medical journal, Dr. Meehan is an expert in differentiating true science from manipulated, fraudulent, biased research. In his blog, Truth Seeker, Dr. Meehan exposes the corruption and indoctrination of today's healthcare and medicine while providing the latest up-to-date science to give you the autonomy and truth you need to make the most informed decisions about your health. Jim is exposing Big Pharma and other government-run health agencies to bring the hidden truth to you.

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