We are CLOSED 1/26/22-1/30/22
We will reopen Monday 1/31/22

This means we will be unable to accept new SICK patients
during this time. If you are SICK, then please refer to
the FLCCC.net for a provider in your area.

Immune Support - Preventive Review Services will be available during this period.
Click on "Let's Get Sterted" button and complete the form for assistance.

If you are a current patient, then please message us
through the portal if you need any assistance.


Emergency Declaration

From the desk of Dr. Meehan

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Patient Testimonials

Hormone Replacement Therapy & Addiction Treatment

"I've been working with Dr. Meehan since July of 2019. He is the best and most well-rounded physician I have ever worked with. He has helped me tremendously with testosterone replacement therapy and the use of peptides.

I am 65 years old, and I feel better than I did in my late 20s.

He has brought my wellness, overall health, energy level, mobility and longevity to a new level. He is very patient with any questions I have and encourages me to explore all facets of my life and overall health.

Dr. Meehan is the real deal."

- Joe, 65 years old

"I came to Dr. Meehan after decades of working with my doctor in the sick care system. My mind and memory were on par with Dementia, and I constantly felt sick and tired. My experience after a few months was nothing short of miraculous! My mind is clear and my memory is back to normal. As far as my physical appearance, we turned back the hands of time. My skin is firmer and glowing, and my body fat has decreased while my muscle tone has increased. My energy level is amazing, too. It feels really good to accomplish things again! Thank you, Dr. Meehan, for giving me my life back!"

- Jennifer, 61 years old

"When I started Hormone Optimization Therapy 2 years ago, I was playing 4-5 hours of competitive racquetball every week, but I was suffering from hypertension, edema, and Type II diabetes. I lost weight when I tried, but I couldn’t keep it off for long. The worst part was the day-long pain in my knees and other joints. Here’s what changed for me since I began hormone therapy: I rapidly lost 30 pounds and the edema disappeared. I have been able to keep the weight off and am no longer diabetic. I no longer have lingering joint pain. It’s just like when I was a “bullet-proof” 20-something. The overnight recovery of my muscles and joints is like being a kid again. Bring on the next 50 years!"

- Jack, 55 years old

"I started listening to Dr. Meehan’s podcast about hormone optimization and peptides 2 years ago. After hearing about the symptoms of low testosterone, I thought that could be my issue. My blood work and consultation with Dr. Meehan confirmed that I was a candidate for his Man-Up hormone program.

After just a few months of following the Man-Up program, my hormones were at optimal levels, and I had never felt or looked better in my life.

My results have been amazing - my energy levels, libido, and body have never been better!! (and my wife 100% agrees)

This is next level health at its best

- Cloice, 49 years old

"After getting less than desirable results with multiple hormone replacement clinics, I knew it was time to seek out the best of the best. During my first interaction with Dr. Meehan in February of 2019, two things became very clear:

1) His knowledge of hormone optimization is unmatched.

2) He cares deeply about his patients and is dedicated to helping you find the right treatment plan for YOU.

Before finding Dr. Meehan, I was starting to lose hope and thought I was stuck with the symptoms of low testosterone for life. Now, my debilitating fatigue, brain fog, and depression are being replaced with energy, focus, confidence, and an overall feeling of vitality. I'm finally ME again—and I have Dr. Meehan to thank."

- Eric, 33 years old

"Dr. Meehan has been so much more than just a doctor to me. It’s hard to put into words.

Many physicians do not have their patients' best interests in mind and are financially driven... That is not Dr. Meehan. It is truly a shame there are not more like him. In my search of a doctor to prescribe me suboxone.... I am so thankful everyday that I didn’t find “just another doctor”.

I never would have reached sobriety without Dr. Meehan,

and I will forever be grateful for his work."

- Anonymous


You are busy, and life can get in the way of being able to take control of your health. That's why Dr. Meehan is available via telemedicine. Dr. Meehan enthusiastically embraces how we can leverage technology to become more in control of our own health & wellness.

Holistic Health

Dr. Meehan takes a holistic & deeply rooted-in-science approach to medicine. He wholeheartedly believes in finding solutions that will bring healing without harming your body with harsh chemicals or pharmaceuticals laden with negative side effects.

Become the scientist of your own health!

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