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Dr. Meehan is aways willing to help patients no matter where they are. Fill out the form or call us at 918-600-2240. This is your first step in becoming the scientist of your own health.

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You will find no bigger advocate than Dr. Meehan when it comes to helping you take back control of your health. He has dedicated his life's work to encourage patients to learn & discover how to become a scientist of their own health. Experience a consultation where you will be heard and have a personalized health plan tailored to you.

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You are busy, and life can get in the way of being able to take control of your health. That's why Dr. Meehan is available via telemedicine. Secure video messaging takes down one more barrier from you becoming the scientist of your own health. .

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Dr. Meehan has dedicated himself to resourcing you with the most scientifically sound medical information so you can make the most informed decisions possible. He believes this information should be easily accessible to all.

Holistic Medicine

Dr. Meehan takes a holistic & deeply rooted-in-science approach to medicine. He wholeheartedly believes in finding solutions that will bring healing without harming your body with harsh chemicals and pharmaceuticals laden with side effects.


Dr. Meehan enthusiastically embraces how we can leverage technology to become more in control of our own health & wellness.