Are you looking to become a patient?

This page is for existing patients. If you are not yet a patient of Dr. Meehan, please click the "Become a Patient" tab in the menu bar.

How to Book an Appointment (existing patients only)

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to request your own appointment with Dr. Meehan through Charm EHR. If you have any issues, please call Patient Tech Support at 1-855-571-5557.

Step 1.
Access Charm PHR by following this link.

Step 2. 
Sign in using your email address or mobile number and password.

Step 3.
Click "Request Appointment" in the top blue menu bar.

Step 4.
Under "Provider Name," click the drop-down arrow and select "Dr. James Meehan."

Step 5.
Under "Visit Type," select what type of visit:
Lab Review
New Functional Medicine
New Hormone Optimization Therapy
New Immune Support

Step 6.
Once you have selected the Visit Type, dates and times will automatically pop up. Select a day of the month to view available appointment times. Select your preferred time.

Step 7.
In the "Reason" box, type your reason for requesting an appointment with Dr. Meehan.

Step 8.
Click the blue "Request" button to submit your request. Your request will be sent to our team for approval. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email within 24-48 hours.