Influenza Vaccines are Bad Medicine

Multiple meta-analyses of more than 70 clinical research studies have shown that influenza vaccinations are, at best, minimally effective.[R][R] At worst, the flu vaccine has the potential to damage the immune system, trigger autoimmune disease, paralyze your body (Guillain Barre Syndrome)[R], and even kill recipients[R].

In fact, flu vaccine injuries are the most frequent injury compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Court System.[R] What most people do not know is that the flu vaccine is merely a shortcut to becoming a super-spreader in the next vaccine enabled influenza pandemic.

Influenza vaccinations increase susceptibility and transmissibility

The science that deserves explanation and serious consideration, is the evidence that the flu vaccines increase both susceptibility to, and transmissibility of, viral infections. Despite what you hear from doctors that provide and profit from vaccines, and the mainstream media beholden to the pharmaceutical industry that funds more than 70% of their advertising, the universal flu vaccine program is a dismal failure that is almost certainly increasing upper respiratory infections in highly flu vaccinated communities.

Influenza vaccines increase susceptibility to respiratory virus infections, including coronaviruses

A growing body of Independent (unbiased) clinical research demonstrates that flu and other vaccines can damage and dysregulate the immune system in a way that leaves vaccinated individuals prone to developing a long list of acute, chronic, and deadly diseases. Through mechanisms that are incompletely understood, the flu vaccine has been shown to increase susceptibility to the more than 200 other viruses capable of causing influenza and influenza-like illness. For example, healthy military personnel in this Department of Defense study were found to be 36% more likely to present with a flu-like illness caused by coronavirus and metapneumovirus.[R]

Influenza vaccines increase transmission of respiratory viruses

Furthermore, not only are they more likely to become infected, they also become more infectious when they do. A study of community spread of upper respiratory viral infections (influenza-like illness) found that flu vaccine recipients coughed, sneezed, and breathed 640% more infectious viral particles than individuals that did not receive the flu vaccine.[R] Thus, you are 640% more likely to become infected by someone that was made more susceptible and more infectious simply because they made the mistake of getting the flu vaccine.