Proof that Quarantining the Healthy Does Not Work

We were told the pandemic would kill 2.2 million Americans. We were told we had to "flatten the curve." We were told to close our businesses, shutdown the economy, and "shelter-in-place," the catch-phrase for quarantining the entire population, even the healthy/well.

But quarantining the healthy/well for an infectious disease has no basis in science or history. It was, in fact, a first of its kind experiment on the human population.

An analysis of CDC COVID19 mortality data by Dr. Colleen Huber clearly demonstrates that the pandemic quarantining of healthy citizens is a failed experiment.

Did states that complied with "medical martial law" fare better than states that did not? No, they did not.

In fact, the citizens of states that shutdown businesses and locked-down their population fared significantly worse. And we have not yet begun to toll the suffering and death (suicide, overdose, abuse, etc.) that will follow in states that killed jobs when they shutdown their economies.

For example, both "free" Arkansas and "locked-down" Oklahoma have the same population density, 57 people per square mile. We are neighbors, share a long border, similar weather, and similar demographics.

Contrary to the claim that the pandemic lock-downs would save lives, Arkansas showed a much lower percentage of COVID19 deaths compared to total deaths than did Oklahoma:\

  • Arkansas (0.8)
  • Oklahoma (2.1)

And this finding is not a isolated to the comparison of "free" Arkansas and "locked-down" Oklahoma. When Dr. Huber analyzed all 50 states she found that "...COVID19 deaths, as a percentage of total deaths, are over 3 times higher, on average, in locked down states than in free states."

Here's the conclusion from Dr. Colleen Huber's excellent analysis entitled, "COVID19: A Controlled Study":

"The proportion of COVID19 deaths to all deaths is lower on average in the states without lockdown, the control group, than in the states with lockdown, the experimental group. This held true also in states with the same population density.

Also, the percent of expected deaths, for the COVID19 period compared to previous years of the same season, from all causes, is as of this time lower in the free states than in the lockdown states after about two months of lockdown.

Quarantine of an entire state population, for disease control purpose, is an experiment without historical precedent. The stated goal of quarantine of the well population was purportedly to reduce mortality from COVID19.

CDC data proved the experiment failed. Both COVID19 death rates were lower, and overall deaths were lower than expected in the free states than in neighboring lockdown states.

Further damage from society-wide quarantine, commonly known as martial law, is economic devastation from loss of employment and loss of small and medium-sized businesses. The collateral damage of suicides, alcoholism and other substance abuse, anxiety and depression from this debacle are not yet measured, nor yet measurable in full.

Therefore, having failed in its stated goal, and having caused widespread violations of civil liberties and human rights, as well as economic and social havoc and widespread suffering, universal quarantine against infectious disease should never be repeated."

We must now recognize that we submitted to MARTIAL LAW disguised as a disease mitigation strategy.

Let's make sure we learn our lessons, reject any future attempts to repeat this experiment, and RESIST UNIVERSAL QUARANTINES AGAINST INFECTIOUS DISEASE.

Jim Meehan, MD

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