Wearing a Mask Can Make You Sick

The scientific evidence does not support community mask wearing.

First, people are not handling and wearing masks properly. A mask must be kept sterile to be effective. You can't touch it, move it down on your chin, shift it to your forehead, or throw it anywhere you want after use. When masks become contaminated they become dangerous.

Go observe how people are handling and using protective masks in the community. It's ridiculous. Telling people they have to wear masks, especially when there is no education on proper handling and wear, is a bad idea.

Second, infected mask wearers could be increasing the severity of CoVID-19. The mask acts as a viral trap. Virus released from the respiratory system locates on the inner surface. The wearer then continuously aspirates the viral particles increasing viral load and increasing the severity of disease.

Finally, the warm and wet environment of the masks interior becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens. Thus, wearers are increasing the potential to continuously aspirate the pathogens that begin to grow in their mask.

The science of infectious disease mitigation does not support community mask wear. Unfortunately, the psychological sciences pertaining to fear based manipulation of the population does. To that end, the mask is the symbol of fear intended to spread fear...and disease.

masked man

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