More Evidence from the Front Lines of the CoVID-19 Pandemic

Front line doctors, nurses, and technicians continue to report concerns about the way CoVID-19 diagnoses and case fatalities are being reported. In the video below you hear, "Every patient that comes in with a respiratory problem is labeled CoVID-19."

The respiratory specialist also reports:

  • They are told not to provide non-invasive oxygen..."you have to let the patient crash and go straight to a ventilator." (3:50 mark in the video)
  • His hospital has not been testing for the virus.

The CDC directives for CoVID-19 diagnosis and COD coding are worded to encourage coding as many cases as possible as CoVID-19, no confirmatory testing required.

Furthermore, you have to understand that there are financial incentives tied to diagnosing and mechanically ventilating CoVID-19 cases, as well there should be given the cost and complexity of managing the disease. However, we must consider how financial incentives might bias diagnosis, attribution of COD, and even progression to critical care and mechanical ventilation.

Medical examiners are similarly complaining about hospital administrators pressuring them to list the cause of death (COD) as CoVID-19 in cases in which they concluded otherwise.

If you think hospitals are hallowed halls of professionalism and ethical behavior, then you've never worked for a hospital. The last time I was employed by a hospital I was terminated for refusing to comply with illegal directives to "upcode" patient encounters. I refused to fall in line with what the hospital administrator explained, "all my colleagues do" and violate the law so the hospital could steal more money from Medicare. In my experience, hospitals are one of the more corrupt business models on the planet. I feel sorry for the physicians that rely on them for employment. I feel even more sorry for the patients whose lives depend on professional, ethical, and unbiased medical decision making.

When it comes to the practice of medicine, show me a financial incentive and I'll show you an increase in the incentivized medical procedure.

Full video: Covid 19 from a respiratory therapist perspective

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