Fighting for Medical Freedom

We MUST RISE and RESIST any and all attempts by government or industry to force us or our children to submit to mandatory medical procedures...of any kind. Prepare to fight for the right and freedom to reject any medical procedure that you deem unsafe or otherwise objectionable.

Any form of coercive laws requiring involuntary subjugation to any medical intervention is a violation of the Nuremberg Code and basic human rights. No citizen of the United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave, should ever tolerate any form of governmental coercion to force its citizens to involuntarily subject themselves or their children to any medical procedure with the potential to harm, kill, or defile.

I have read the studies, trials, opinions, package inserts, patents, manufacturing methods, and so much more. With the open mind of a physician, scientist, and the discernment of a former medical journal editor, I've read the science on both sides. I understand the history, science, medicine, and immunology. I have treated patients in whom the immune system was stimulated into destructive autoimmune inflammation by far less than the toxic mistakes we begin injecting on the first day of life and repeatedly for years in almost every child in the world, and nearly twice as much in America as compared to many other countries.

I know that NOT ONE of the vaccines on the CDC childhood vaccination schedule have EVER been fully and truly tested for safety. Nor have the combinations in which they are typically delivered ever been tested for safety. Determining the safety of a medical intervention delivered almost universally to healthy children requires scientific rigor of the highest order. Vaccines have simply never been tested with the long-term, large numbers of test subjects, randomized, prospective, double-blinded, and inert placebo controlled trials required by real science and the gold-standards of the scientific method. Therefore, I will speak loudly and often about the negligent failure of science and medicine to protect our children from untested and unsafe vaccines.

What the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial-complex pretends qualifies as safety testing is nothing more than biased, industry sponsored epidemiology studies, which any reasonable scientist would admit is NO SUBSTITUTE for real safety trials in vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations.

We must recognize and expose the dark and sinister, physical and spiritual defilement of innocent children by the injection of highly tumorigenic human DNA and residual cellular proteins derived from innocent babies born alive, harvested in saline bags, and sacrificed by being torn apart as their tissues are harvested by Godless men and women.

If you think I am being hyperbolic, watch and listen to the testimony of Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the father of modern vaccines, recorded during his deposition by attorney Aaron Siri). The man literally says, "I would be happy to go to Hell...", admits to experimenting on orphans and disabled children, and the tissues of at least 76 abortions obtained in the horrific manner described above.

We must remain free to choose what medical procedures we receive. We must be free to exempt ourselves and our children from any medical procedure that could harm or kill. We must remain free to reject the untested and unsafe products of the unaccountable vaccine industry.

Jim Meehan, MD

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