I Declare Spiritual Warfare

The most important part of my [Dr. Meehan's] speech at the Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event in Washington, D.C. on November 14, 2019. "With a sound mind, spirit of love, and clarity of purpose, I declare war against the vaccine industry's assault upon the mind, body, and spirit of our children. I will relentlessly expose the scientific fallacies, the medical harms, and the spiritual assault perpetrated on almost every child on the planet by the vaccine industry and the cult of evil that lurks beneath its surface. I acknowledge my purpose and accept this mission, at any cost, so others may live."

In this portion of my speech, I declare the pharmaceutical industry, in general, and the vaccine industry, in particular, a domestic enemy of the people. Against them, I declare war and dedicate my life and career to ending of their lies, pseudoscience, fraud, corruption, harm, and murder of children by vaccines.

The vaccine industry and their untested and unsafe products have been exposed by a plethora of independent scientists, doctors, lawyers, and free-thinkers. The companies manufacturing vaccines have been found guilty in courts of law for producing harmful and deadly products. The pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers have proven themselves to be corrupt, deadly, and evil.

The leaders in the vaccine industry have proven themselves to be pathological narcissists and sociopaths. They are morally bankrupt, spiritually lost, faithless souls, like Dr. Stanley Plotkin, the father of modern vaccines, who routinely blasphemes God, expresses open disdain for men and women of faith, denounces our religious rights. The man so openly embraces evil that in a 2018 deposition he declared that he would be happy to go to hell for the inhuman atrocities that he has committed in the name of science, the false god of the cult of vaccines.

For example, in his deposition by Aaron Siri, Plotkin admitted participating in the murder of at least 76 unborn children. A fact that he dutifully published in a journal article. Plotkin's work to create the first live virus vaccines grown on aborted human fetal cell lines was horrific. He and his team, seduced, manipulated, and groomed young, scared, and desperate pregnant mothers to consent to sacrificing their unborn children for "vaccine science."

I have no doubt that these mothers had no idea that their babies would be born alive, harvested into a plastic bag filled with saline, and horrifically torn apart so that their tissues could be harvested. Those tissues then became the cells lines that have been endlessly replicating for more than 60 years in the manufacture of live virus vaccines such as rubella (in the MMR vaccine) and varicella (chickenpox vaccine).

As further evidence of the evil inherent in the vaccine industry, Plotkin, in the same deposition, even admitted under oath to experimenting on pregnant women, prisoners, orphans, and "mentally retarded children." Watch it all here:

Thus, I declare, Stanley Plotkin, the father of modern vaccines, and all like him in the vaccine industry, monstrous agents of evil.

Furthermore, I declare that there are many scientifically demonstrated and biologically plausible mechanisms by which vaccines cause harm and kill children. Chief among these, and central to my charge, is the medical and spiritual assault to our children that occurs when they are injected with the human DNA and residual cellular proteins present in vaccines such as MMR and chickenpox. The potential for these contaminants to cause DNA modification, stem cell changes, cancers, and autoimmune disease is clearly demonstrated by the independent science.

I have considered this matter thoughtfully and prayerfully. I am concerned to the point of conviction, which is why I rise now to stand and speak on this matter, that we face the real possibility that we are being deceived into willingly participating in ritualistic evil that defiles and diminishes the body, mind, and spirit of our children. I believe our children are being harmed and defiled by vaccines to the point that they are so trapped in inflammation, pain, and disease, that they are driven to drugs, alcohol, aberrant dopamine releasing behaviors, and a medical industry that makes lots of money treating their symptoms while making them worse with endless prescriptions of dangerous psychotropic medications.

The science is one thing, but the spiritual issues are much greater. The spiritual defilement of God's children cannot be decided in the medical literature or a court of law. It is a matter that must be settled in the heart, soul, and spirit of every person that believes in the creator of all things: God. Every person of faith must search their hearts and consider the consequences, both medical and spiritual, of injecting untested and unsafe vaccine ingredients, aluminum adjuvants, heavy metal preservatives, non-human DNA and proteins, and, most importantly, the abomination of injecting aborted fetal cell line contaminants into our children.

Given the power, wealth, and reach of the enemy we face, I have no delusions regarding the cost, risk, and sacrifice required to defend my position. Nevertheless, I accept the mission and willingly pay whatever cost must be paid. I will honor my sacred oaths, rise to protect the health and lives of our children, serve others, and serve God with relentless passion and determination. I will play my role and do my part to serve God's greater purpose - SO OTHERS MAY LIVE.

The link to the entire speech from the Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event in Washington, D.C.: Dr James Meehan, MD at The Vaccine Injury Event 2019

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