The Vaccine Paradox

The universal vaccination paradigm is based on the premise that children's health and lives would be protected by vaccinating them against certain common and dangerous childhood pathogens. If universal vaccinations worked, American children, the most vaccinated population of children on the planet, would lead the world in health, fewest infant deaths, least amount of chronic diseases, etc. However, compared to all other developed nations, American children have the WORST health, HIGHEST infant mortality, and the MOST chronic diseases. Based on the overwhelming evidence of declines in the health of American children, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the universal vaccine paradigm is utter failure. The failure of the vaccine paradigm demands re-characterization as the "Vaccine Paradox."

The epidemic rise in vaccine injuries and the dramatic declines in childhood health are as clearly linked as they are intolerably disregarded and disavowed by the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial-complex. The proponents of universal vaccinations are highly conflicted in their interests. They profit from perpetuating the ignorance of the increasing evidence of vaccine harms. But even they, with all their wealth and power, cannot keep the truth hidden.

"Finally we have definitive, undeniable proof that the pharmaceutical propaganda of "vaccines are safe" that we've had to listen to spewing forth from the mouths of doctors and journalists and politicians for decades, is categorically and unequivocally false."

As a physician and former medical journal editor I have considerable experience and expertise in sleuthing good science from bad and fact from fiction in the scientific literature. Unlike my pro-vaccine antagonists, I am very careful to guard myself against my development of the cognitive biases that I firmly believe cloud their analyses and conclusions. Thus, with sound mind, unbiased analysis, and careful consideration of all sides of the vaccine issues, I have concluded that the scientific evidence FOR universal vaccination programs is based on biased, fraudulent, and corrupted science, whereas, the case AGAINST is clear, compelling, and implicates vaccines as the most likely cause of the decline in health of American children.

Vaccine injuries are now more common and causing more harm than would be expected to be caused by the "vaccine preventable" pathogens in an era of modern medicine. Therefore, we must, at the very least, demand the immediate study of this problem. We must demand a full and comprehensive investigation of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations using ONLY the highest gold-standard prospective, randomized, blinded, and true-placebo controlled studies conducted ONLY by scientists with integrity and independence from the pharmaceutical industry.

Americans can no longer suffer the vaccine injury epidemic caused by inadequately tested and unsafe vaccines. We cannot afford to continue injecting our children with health destroying and immune dysregulating vaccines. We must not allow the #TheVaccineParadox to be ignored and justified by corrupt, fraudulent, bought-and-paid-for epidemiology studies designed to mislead and delude the public.

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