The HPV Vaccine on Trial

The HPV vaccine is a dangerous vaccine brought to market by one of the most deceptive, pseudoscientific, and harmful pre-clinical trials that I have ever seen.

Merck's pre-clinical trials of Gardasil and the "active placebo" group were associated with study participants dying at a rate that was AT LEAST TEN TIMES HIGHER than the rate of death found in an age matched population. But because the rate of death in the study and deceptive "control" group were equivalent, Gardasil was approved for release. Since release, the incidence of harm to Gardasil recipients continues to climb and is mostly ignored because we lack an adequate post-market surveillance system to capture and expose the injuries. Even so, the HPV vaccine injuries that are documented in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System suggest that tens of thousands of young men and women are being harmed by HPV vaccines.

Read The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed for a complete review of the scientific deception and fraud perpetrated by the manufacturers of the HPV vaccine, especially Merck.

The reality is that the best defense against cervical cancer is the pap smear. The worst defense is relying on a dangerous HPV vaccine.

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