The CDC Approves a Vaccine Associated with Heart Attacks

As proof that the CDC does not work to protect American citizens, but instead works to support the pharmaceutical industry by negligently approving unsafe vaccines, I submit for your consideration this video from a February 2018 meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Watch the ugly truth about how the CDC's ACIP committee approved a vaccine associated with a significant number of myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) in previously (very) health clinical trial subjects.

Listen to the discussion surrounding the approval of a new hepatitis B vaccine, Hepislav-B, and realize that the people approving vaccines for sale to American citizens must see us and our children as little more than meaningless test subjects in Big Pharma's rush to acquire market share and vaccine sales. How else can they so casually disregard the "heart attack signal" found in the pre-clinical trials and vote unanimously to bring this untested, unsafe, experimental vaccine to market?!

The backstory on Hepislav-B is that its safety profile was so concerning that it was twice denied approval by the FDA. Someone at the FDA had the common sense to decide that a new vaccine with a unique and novel recombinant DNA adjuvant, for which we have NO DATA on how many children it might harm or kill, or how it might negatively interact with the too many other vaccines and their already problematic aluminum and other adjuvant systems already being administered in more than 50 doses to children, might not be ready for market release; might require considerably more safety testing and reformulation before release to the public.

But, no. The ACIP undid the FDA's position, blew caution to the wind, and voted to approve a vaccine associated with 14 heart attacks in previously healthy study participants. Despite the unanswered questions and the unsettled science of the "heart attack signal," the pharma minions masquerading as physicians and scientists "serving in the public interest," vote unanimously to subject American citizens to another untested and unsafe vaccine.

This is intolerable. The ACIP committee members demonstrate a level of public safety and precautionary principle negligence that should not be allowed.

Here is the link to the video: CDC approves a vaccine that causes heart attacks

Also this from Del Bigtree and his nonprofit organization, ICAN, the Informed Consent Action Network, that is doing great work to expose the dirty deceptions, fraudulent pseudoscience, and betrayal of public trust by the vaccine industry and the federal agencies responsible for policies that endanger children everywhere. Here is one of the articles in which the very concerning "Heart Attack Issue" that occurred during the pre-clinical trials of Hepislav B is discussed.

Del Bigtree also says, "Are you comfortable knowing that doctors know nothing about the heart attack issue but are now giving this to people with the belief that it is safe? Should it be illegal for me and my family to opt out of this vaccine when I have done my research and know that the FDA cardiologist writing this article believes the vaccine could have the potential to cause heart attacks? This is why the Nuremberg Code exists. And this is why I believe I am doing a service by reporting issues like this when the rest of mainstream media turns a blind eye."

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