Man and Measles

How and why did the measles virus, one of the most rapidly mutating and human specific pathogens on the planet, a single-stranded RNA virus, mutate and evolve to a point of relative genetic stability and relatively mild disease in its primary host, humans? Why would such a highly transmissible and infectious pathogen evolve to the point at which its incredible propensity for mutation essentially slows to an almost complete stop and it spends a century being little more than a relatively mild disease of childhood? The most important question for humanity today is, why is that all changing now? What has awakened the measles virus, caused it to genetically drift to more virulent and dangerous mutations?

In nature, highly infectious and host specific pathogens, like the measles virus, either evolve to achieve a form of balance or symbiosis with their primary hosts, or they become extinct. Host specific pathogens that spread easily, infect many, and kill a high percentage of their hosts inevitably run out of the hosts they need to continue their “life-cycle” and find themselves at the “dead end” of extinction.

The measles virus is a prime example of a highly infectious, extremely mutable viral pathogen that used its extreme capabilities to mutate and evolve to a point that it no longer needed to. The measles virus stopped evolving and its genetic code stabilized when it had reached a relative balanced coexistence with humans; a balance in which its use of human hosts to replicate and transmit no longer resulted in their death. Until recently, the measles virus had evolved to the point that although highly infectious, it was mostly a mild disease from which 99.9999% survived. While the 0.0001% that died from measles were exclusively those members of the population too sick, weak, and immunocompromised to stand in the balance.

Some even argue that there is evidence supporting the idea that endemic human pathogens like the measles virus may occasionally evolve to a point in which they provide some beneficial effects to those they infect. The measles virus may have adapted to its human hosts in such a way as to fulfill its biological imperative through a more symbiotic means than we seem to appreciate at present. It is logical and reasonable to believe that highly mutable viruses like the measles could evolve to achieve a relative harmony in their hosts. For example, it would make sense that a virus might evolve into a symbiotic relationship in which its host becomes resistant to brain and blood cancers, lives longer, creates more progeny, providing more hosts for measles, and thus increases the likelihood of success for both species, man and measles.

Unfortunately, when the pride, arrogance, and hubris of the modern acolytes of scientism disrespected the natural order and divine design determined that the science of man was capable and thus justified in eradicating another life form, they shifted the balance, they reactivated the incredible mutational power of measles, and engaged humanity in a battle with nature and an organism whose ability to adapt, change, and continue its existence is far greater than our own.

The measles virus is mutating to escape the vaccines designed to eradicate it. Humans may no longer enjoy the relative balance with measles that the interaction between our two species had fought hard to achieve. The universal vaccination program intended to eradicate measles is an epic failure. The measles virus is mutating, its genome is shifting, and it is becoming vaccine resistant. As a direct result of the measles vaccine, the measles virus is mutating to increasingly virulent and vaccine resistant strains, such as B3, D4, and D8 strains that are increasingly responsible for the outbreaks and deaths we hear about on the news. What we don’t hear on the news is the truth. The truth is, the measles virus is mutating to avoid suppression and eradication by our poorly conceived universal vaccination programs. The measles virus, like all forms of life, is driven by its genetic code which contains the means by which it can fulfill its biological imperative to propagate and continue to exist. The measles virus is supremely equipped with the ability to evolve, escape suppression, and avoid extinction. If we fail to recognize and respect the divine design and power of nature, it may very well be our species that is driven to extinction.

Now, because of vaccines, we are all at increased risk, not only from the more virulent escape mutants evolving within almost every species of pathogen for which we vaccinate, but also from the untested and unsafe vaccines manufactured by the unaccountable vaccine industry.

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