A Dystopian Thought Experiment

To understand the problem of infectious human pathogens and our misguided attempts to control and suppress to extinction the microbial world with our failing universal vaccination strategy, consider the following thought experiment.

Imagine your body is like the United States of America, our homes are cells, and our immune system is like the combined forces of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard) and civil services ( police, fire, etc.).

Next, multiply the world’s population by a factor of 100 and imagine every one of them is singularly focused on invading America. Driven by the biological imperative, these invaders seek land, resources, and even our homes, in order to prosper and proliferate.

Among the invaders are select groups of human pathogens. These terrorists are known for their nefarious proclivities, occasional breakouts, and rarely, the murder of innocents. These bad guys also get multiplied by 100.

Now, imagine the resources of the U.S. are refocused and repurposed to support and enforce a new national strategy designed to deal with the invading terrorist threat.

Imagine the pharmaceutical-medical-industrial-complex taking over control and designing a new, "science-based" initiative called the Universal Terrorist Identification (UTI) program. Let's imagine that UTI consists of the following programs:

  1. "Most Wanted" Cards: The Department of Homeland Security will be repurposed to printing "Most Wanted" cards depicting the image of all known members of the world's top 17 terrorist groups. These cards will be distributed to every man, woman, and child registered as a U.S. citizen. The cards are required to be carried on their persons at all times. Proof of card possession is required for the entrance and use of all public facilities.
  2. Department of Health (DOH) Processing Visits: At least once per year, all American citizens are required to report to an assigned DOH facility for processing. DOH processing will include registration confirmation, distribution of terrorist wanted posters, and various training videos. Families with children are required to process with DOH more frequently, based on the age of children. For example, children under one year of age will be processed every two months.
  3. Military and civil service organizations are dismantled and their budgets reallocated to support and enforce the UTI programs. Their primary role will transition from national defense and citizen protection against trillions of country and home invaders, to one of enforcing compliance with all UTI programs.


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